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Based on our experience and reputation as a financial and tax advisory firm, etx‘s offering is focused on services tailored to specific client needs over the long term, through a comprehensive suite of opportunities.

Our Services
+ Tax Advisory

Based on our clients’ specific needs, we offer both ordinary and extraordinary tax advisory services. In the increasingly dynamic regulatory context, we provide constant updates on opportunities and risks for our client companies. Through our continuous study and in-depth activities, we offer tax planning services with clear and effective consultations. We assist our clients in managing tax issues related to routine operations (Corporate Tax, VAT, and other indirect taxes) and during phases of transformation and development:

  • Tax due diligence
  • Corporate reorganization and restructuring aimed at overall structure optimization, with a focus on tax optimization and generational transition.
  • Acquisitions

Our professionals have extensive experience in VAT matters, along with a deep knowledge of EU regulations, both for routine management and the structuring of domestic and international transactions. We offer effective assistance in both recurring and non-recurring matters.

+ Accounting and Administrative Processes

We offer our clients services in administrative and accounting management, both in outsourcing and as operational support on a continuous basis. Our professionals provide assistance in managing administrative, accounting, and tax processes. We guarantee deep expertise in financial statements, including IAS/IFRS. Our main services include:

  • Management of telematic services
  • Assistance and management in administrative and accounting matters
  • Assistance in drafting financial reports and transmitting annual financial statements
  • Tax representation
+ Audit & Assurance

The etx team provides statutory and voluntary audit services for both individual and consolidated financial statements. Our audit & assurance services aim to verify the compliance of financial statements with the law, interpreted and integrated by the applicable accounting principles, and to add credibility to both financial and non-financial information, maintaining the high level of trust that your company’s stakeholders place in the financial statements, thus guaranteeing you a competitive advantage in the market. All services are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and are constantly evolving to meet market information demands. These services include:

  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Specific certifications
  • Examination of industrial plans
  • Assistance in management control
+ Strategic Planning and Corporate Reorganization

The etx team supports businesses and investors in identifying and presenting future scenarios for the company, defining the action plan, and identifying the means and resources necessary to achieve objectives.
Our professionals work alongside entrepreneurs to seize every opportunity connected to extraordinary operations such as acquisitions, mergers, contributions, demergers, industrial reorganizations (corporate and group), financial restructurings, and redefinition of business strategies.
In structuring investment operations, etx is your key interlocutor in interactions with financial institutions.

+ Turnaround & Restructuring

The etx team supports businesses by providing financial advisory services aimed at improving working capital management processes and implementing Industrial Plans. Specifically, our professionals handle all activities aimed at defining the optimal financial structure to support restructuring and development plans focused on restoring economic, financial, and asset balance.
In performing our duties, we also assist our clients in identifying and implementing the necessary operational improvements to achieve a successful and lasting turnaround, including the insertion of temporary managers when necessary.

+ Third Sector, Non-profit, and Social Impact Economy

With extensive experience in the non-profit sector, etx supports Third Sector entities, associations, amateur sports clubs, social enterprises, and a wide range of non-profit organizations in both routine and extraordinary management with legal, tax, administrative, and accounting consulting services. We assist organizations in routine tasks and in preparing and filing annual and social balance sheets, as well as in extraordinary operations.
We provide support to entities in optimizing tax impact through the use of all tax incentives available to the sector.
Etx also supports organizations operating in the Third Sector in managing relationships with public entities, including in the context of co-design procedures typical of the so-called “shared administration” as per Article 55 of Legislative Decree 117/2017.


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